A for Awesome – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Awesome’ is one comment which makes my day. A simple, short but powerful word. Just as Shakespeare lets Portia say “It blesseth him that gives and him that takes” in the Merchant of Venice, this simple compliment blesses the giver and the taker with happiness.

The feeling, one gets when his/her stuff is said to be awesome, is awesome indeed! Be it a picture, or a post, or even a silly status, there would always be one good friend who would mention this one. 

I personally have noticed and also felt that, this simple word can change the mood of any person instantly. Telling a gal that her new hair-do is awesome, a kid that his new dress is awesome, and so many more occasions to list, brings out the genuine happiness from that person, which is more than just awesome!

The word ‘Awesome’ is my favourite, when it comes to complimenting. It makes my job easier, and the receiving person happier. Spreading joy and happiness is awesome, for sure!

Thus saying, let me conclude the post for today, with one of my favourite line, that is common across the internet.

You are okay awesome!


God Bless


11 thoughts on “Awesome

  1. Hi Kaushik .. awesome is an expressive word isn’t it .. and complimenting someone with a personal twist makes it seem extra special ..

    I really like the photo of the A and that colour! Very cheerful .. enjoy the A-Z and thanks for visiting .. cheers Hilary


  2. I like awesome, too. In S. California, where I live, the word is very popular, having originated with surfers then spreading throughout. It’s a vivid word, and no matter how overused it might be, it remains one of my very favorite.
    Awesome post today, by the way.
    Silvia @


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