Browser History

Now, this is a not-that-interesting incident, but quite a funny one!

While I was just going through my browser history (to find out that site where I came across an interesting JS code, but forgotten the name) came across the stuff present in the image…

And immediately I knew whose work this would have been – my dearest mom! The not-so-interesting part of the incident ends with here, as I have nothing more to add in this section.

Now the funny part – I wanted to confront my mom, real for this time! Oh…I had forgotten to mention. This isn’t the first time i’m seeing this kind of stuff in browser history. Mango halwa, pumpkin payasam, green tomato curry, etc*, etc* had all been present there, but had never seen or even known of those delicacies being cooked at home…grrr!!

My mother was like `how did this fellow know all this`, when I asked her why such dishes were only searched for and not cooked. (she doesn’t know about browser history…and I know that fact πŸ˜€ ) She didn’t want to answer, but only was curious to know how I came to know about it.

“actually amma, what all we search in internet will be stored in 1 place. We can go and check who saw what”

“Oh is it..seri seri”

“now to my question, why don’t you cook all those things which you search in internet?”

Now she was like…

“you haven’t bathed yet. Still you keep meddling with your system, seeing what I searched and keep interrogating me. Now go and bath, come soon and eat breakfast before you go out!”

What more can I say. I just followed all that she said finally, in the same sequence πŸ˜€

P.S (The most important part) I love my mom’s food soooooooooo much! (can’t be expressed actually!) And she know it too πŸ™‚ Even the simple curd rice that she prepares, tastes better than the best item present in the menus of grand restaurants!Β 

*Exotic Tasty Culinary (my definition of etc)

** Our conversation was in Tamil πŸ™‚


God Bless


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