And she said…

A sketch for the poem or a poem for the sketch?

And she said, “Awesome”
Seeing the portrait, conceived from her charm.
But the admiration, hidden!

And she said, “Wonderful”
Reading the poem, written on her allure.
But the adoration, concealed!

And she said, “Fantastic”
Liking the status, defining her elegance.
But the motive, latent!

And she said, “Beautiful”
Holding the flowers, which echoed her beauty.
But the thoughts, suppressed!

And she said, “Aww”
Blushing at her picture, reflecting her appeal.
But the fondness, buried deep in heart!

And there would come a sunrise, or a sunset
When the thoughts could merge.
And the love, never submerge!


The italicized could be deciphered as…HIS feelings that he hides, while he admires her expressions, or HER feelings that she hides, while she expresses for him to admire!


God Bless


8 thoughts on “And she said…

  1. Hi Kaushik .. interesting poem .. taking both points of view .. I hope you’re ready for the A-Z and will enjoy the challenge with us …

    All the best – Hilary


I'd be happy if you left behind a line or two..

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