Idle time #4 of 100 H-Days

Idle Time (or) Lean Time, as it is officially known!

I got my share of time, where I had to sit idle, without doing anything productive at office. And I started to think of ideas for posting on 100 Happy Days. Well, sitting at office with nothing to do and thinking of ideas for 100 Happy Days is itself an ‘Happy Thing’!

This post was but one productive thing that I did to myself while siting, with nothing useful to be done. The guy sitting next to me started cock-and-bull stories of what God alone can understand (and still going on while I was typing this one, while occasionally he meddles his phone) It seems to him that I’m typing some love-letter, with highly reduced font size, to someone about whom I haven’t disclosed any information yet!

Of course there are options – check Twitter, FB (in phone obviously), latest cricket match score, go to some other cubicle to get/spread some hot gossip, the list is endless. But typing a blog post from office is something that I haven’t done yet, and hence this task for an Happy Day!

P.S. Blogging sites are blocked too in office network, so I’ve typed this content as a mail draft, that I could open and publish from home 😉


God Bless


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