Train Journeys #2 of 100 H-Days

Journeys play an essential part in the everyone’s journey of life. And it did have a great influence in my life’s journey, so far! Especially Train Journeys!

In my childhood, I used to make frequent travels to Chennai from Bangalore by train with my grandparents to visit my parents who were in Chennai (I stayed with my grandparents, in my younger days) and hence started my fascination for train/train journeys during the travels then. Not to forget mentioning the ‘window seat’ 😀

The sound of a moving train has a charm which has captivated me always, to day. And also the unnoticeable-mild-violent range of swaying while seated inside the train, varying according to the category of it.

Express, Night Mail, Superfast, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Suburban, Metro, MRTS, Toy, Hill…the level of comfort varies from each, but the allure remains the same. Well, taking the crowd factor, the less of it, the more is the comfort, obviously!

There are days when i’ve travelled by train, just for the sake of travelling. Travelling in a less-crowded train, seated on a jannal-seat is heaven!

Train journeys have been the central theme, and also the turning point in many films, whose list I can never complete. Hope something of that sort happens in any of my future train journeys 😉


God Bless


2 thoughts on “Train Journeys #2 of 100 H-Days

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