Guilty Pleasures #1 of 100 H-Days

Thanks to Deepak, on seeing his posts on 100 Happy Days, I really wanted to post about mine. And it gives me substance, which reduces my burden of choosing topics to post about! So i’ve got 100 topics to post, this whole year!!

So my first post starts with ‘some’ of my guilty pleasures. They may sound too cRazY, but what’s life without craziness?!

And here goes the list…

1. Saving my number as contact and ‘whatsapp’ing myself.

Please! I don’t fall in the ‘forever alone’ category. I have some awesome friends with me always. Still I do this occasionally.

2. Factory resetting my phone at times and again downloading all the apps which were present earlier, all for no reason.

I feel like Mr.Han of Karate Kid while doing this 😀

3. Taking selfies in the most inappropriate posture, at the most inappropriate moment.

You can find some of them in my Facebook profile.

4.  Reading Chapter 4 (The Keeper of the Keys) of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and The Final Act (the last portion) of Two States again and again and again and…

I can never give an explanation for this act of mine!

5. Do some random calculations in the calculator, come up with a huge number, and keep subtracting small numbers from it, till I reach 0

Maths was never my favourite subject, yet I love playing with numbers, with the calculator.

6. Reading the Matrimony section of newspaper.

This is PURELY FOR FUN and I do it only if i’m alone!

I could keep expanding this list. But let me reserve them for some other occasion. Honestly saying, there’s nothing to feel guilty over our guilty pleasures. But that feeling would be a pleasure, which by itself could be a guilty pleasure!!


God Bless


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