Happiness is…

There are times when I say my friends that i’m happy and the 1st question that i’m posed – WHY? and then What’s the matter? Weekend mood huh? Love ahh? You spoke with HER uh?…blah…blahh…blahhh follows the big WHY. The reasons that these people guess for me being happy, would exceed the number of ‘Happiness is’ Last-Lemon memes!

And then I thought..why can’t one be happy without any reason. Of course you need some good reason to brood over, but why for being happy? Voicing this opinion would bring a counter argument ‘How can one be happy without any reason? Something must have happened’ *wink*

le random pic

I feel that this is a wrong thought which many of us have in our lives – We can be happy only for a particular reason. And by having such a theorization, we tend to set a benchmark for being happy and hence lose many of the subtle joyful moments of life and even the joy of being a quokka for no reason!

Lest I forget the folks who assume that being happy for no reason equals to a mental disorder! I can only pray God to give them the boon to distinguish between ‘being happy for no reason’ and ‘laughing for no reason’. A happy person doesn’t keep laughing all the time, and a person laughing all the time is definitely not happy (and not laughing for real too)

Then come the pack, who stereotype the mood of being happy. ‘You don’t seem to be happy’, ‘You keep laughing, so you must be happy’ and so on. Again, happiness is an emotion that is to be felt from the depth of our minds. A happy person certainly has a glow in his face and not a broad laugh, always!

Lets throw up the unnecessary bundle of worries and thoughts that we keep carrying and be Gay (Gay as in being Happy!)


God Bless


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