The recent book in my ‘read’ list is ‘Jaya – an illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata’ by Devdutt Pattanaik.
I was fascinated by the idea of illustrations in a retelling of an epic as grand as the Mahabharata, and I bought it without second thoughts and I didn’t go wrong! The illustrations in it were simple yet powerful, unbound by realms but thought provoking.
But the best part of the book was the perspectives in which the author has retold the grand old epic – the way he has analysed the incidents, highlighted the ironies, unwrapped the metaphors in a subtle manner, in a simple flow.
Having already read the Mahabharata by Rajaji, heard it innumerable times from my grandma, seen several renderings of it in the television, I wasn’t having much expectations with regard to the main story. The perspectives that Devdutt had offered (especially for certain incidents/theories) were out of world, literally!
It is generally said that, if there is a thing that isn’t present in the Mahabharata, then it doesn’t exist at all! And the author has made good justice to this quote (to the most)
Mahabharata is such an epic that, just giving a light read over it makes a person get a new, different perspective of life, as it exists (I got it)
And this gave me an other thought – most of the strains that we have are due to the differences that occur between the personal perspectives of one another and we cease to understand it.
What stands good for me at a particular situation isn’t the same for another, and the same would taste bitter to me and sweet to the other in an another situation*
I only hope that most of us would regain the happiness that was lost somewhere, only if we approach life with a different (not necessarily new) perspective.

*I might love the bitter taste and the other one hate things sweet, while being there (theory of perspectives ;))

God Bless


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