Half Marathon 2013

Well, i’m not very much a sports person, but occasionally love playing cricket and of late fallen in love with marathon races. The first time I ran was in December last year, in a 10 km race. And now the 2nd 10 km race, on July 7th from Besant Nagar to MRC Nagar, to and fro.

The race started at 5:30 in the morning, and the lazy me reached there only at 5:45. But people of my tribe were present, who dropped in even after me. Only after completing the first 500 mts I realised that I forgot to bring my camera. Anyway I was consoled by the thought that I have come to run a race, not to click photos and there were a lot of professionals doing that job.

The event was meticulously planned by the organisers. Right from registration, bib distribution, the grand run, post run events, things went on very well, without any hassles.

The photos here are taken from Chennai Dive Club’s album Dream Runners Chennai Marathon 2013

There were many volunteers at specific points, who were providing water, glucon, etc. Most of them were young children who were doing their job with full enthusiasm. The way they cheered, took away all signs of fatigue.

But the best part of the event was much more beautiful – A father who ran the entire Half Marathon (21.1 km) with his son who was on the wheelchair, a 4 yr shy girl who ran 10 km along with her mom, a lively grandma who completed the race with joy and many more.

A picture can represent a thousand words, as you can see the ecstasy in the faces of these participants. (Unfortunately i’m not present in any of the photos..unlucky me!)

These are few of the many happenings at the event, that I came across.

Some the lessons I learnt from this marathon are:

  • Life is an awesome gift, given by God. If there are 100 reasons to complain, there are infinite reasons to appreciate things in life.
  • Running a 10 km race doesn’t make me a Marathon Runner (I’m very honest, you see!)
  • Be punctual, everywhere and everytime!

God Bless


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