Kolours #1

Colourful Threshold

Kolam, Hase, Rangoli or however you call it, provides a colourful welcome to the person who visits the home.

Sometimes, the Kolam lends an identity to the home, as it happens to my grandparents. My grandparents’ home is identified by the beautiful and intricate Kolam that is drawn every dawn, by my grandmom.

Several theories abound this form of art. Drawn with rice flour to feed the birds and insects, Drawn and redrawn everyday to indicate the hidden meaning of life, Drawn to welcome the Goddess of fortune et al.

And there have been scenarios where dogs, cats, rabbits, flower vases with a triangular base, unexplainable objects have all been inclusive in Kolam. Well, art is all about innovation and the beauty of it is dependent in the eyes of the perceiver 😉

Here are some of them, which have captured my eyes and have been captured by me.


God Bless


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