Best and Worst

Being down for a week coz of fever, I was running short of ideas and my mind wasn’t co-operating to find a new topic. And I did get some nice ones to post on, but again I’m facing starting problem…uff enough of laments! I searched Google for some stuff and I landed over here and I go with this post, influenced by a topic given there.

Since I’m posting in WordPress after a long time, I thought I could make a list of my best and worst posts from Blogspot and why are they the ‘best’ and ‘worst’.

Let me start from one of my “worst”

Somewhere back, I’d posted “Friday Flowers”. It was supposed to be on flowers and all I did was to add some photos of flowers and just some text to co-ordinate it. Honestly if I give a look at it, I admit that it looks like a post, which was written just to exist, and it conveys no good meaning. And let me stop complaining on myself here.

Now the “best”

Before I start about my best, let me confess that, I agree to the point that there is nothing perfect in the world and there’s nothing called “The Best”, and only “Our Best” exists. Of course I haven’t done anything of the sort to say as “My Best”. Still I wish to pick up some post which I feel could be “My Best” post yet.

For celebrating Women’s Day, I attempted to write a poem and “Sthree” was the result. I never expected writing a poem to be such a tedious task. And please don’t expect Sthree to be an awesome poem or anything of that kind (for those who haven’t read it) It’s a simple one with few lines, whose words rhyme. Still I feel that it is my best post just for now, and there are a lot of good posts coming up.

God Bless


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