I too had a love story

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An addition to my small collection of books, the latest is ‘I too had a love story’. As the title suggests, it’s all about love and what happens next. But the interesting part here is that, it says ‘I too had…’ which means that the love story doesn’t exist now.

As usual I was a late bird, in reading this book. It was published well before in 2008-09, but I got it only 1 week back, that too after seeing it in the list of best sellers in the site of Landmark.

In the foreword itself, Ravinder Singh, the author says that he’s in memory of the girl whom he loves, but couldn’t marry. Oops, this says it all! The author loved a girl and she loved him and after sometime the girl went away with someone else. But our guy is still in love with her and he has written this novel in her memory. This is what strikes in our mind or rather my mind, as soon as you come across the foreword.

But all my assumptions go wrong the moment I complete just 2 pages of the novel. Our hero meets his friends after a long time and they discuss about getting married and settle in their lives. So they decide to register their profiles in Shaadi.com, to find eligible girls. One fine day, he gets a call from a girl who has seen his profile in Shaadi.com. And what interested her was our hero’s interest in table.

The relationship slowly builds and it goes to romantic highs, when all of a sudden, things come crashing down in the hero’s life. Of course it was an expected turn in the tale, but still it manages to drench our mood. Yea, it makes us emotional.

The message of the novel is that, whatever happens in love, life has to move on. And true love never dies. It stays alive in our hearts.

It’s really an amazing thing to know that, this is a debut novel by Ravinder Singh. Such a great work from him. The novel speaks in the first person i.e. is spoken by Ravin, the hero of our novel. Khushi is the girl who brought happiness in his life, but left to give him eternal sorrow.

More than the happenings of the novel, what made me really sad was that, this is a true incident. All is ok while you read in a book. You may just get a sad thought and get off; as you realize that it’s just a story. But once when you know, a guy has met with these incidents in his real life, it’s not that easy to remove it from your mind.

Now planning to read ‘Can love happen twice’, the second and supposed sequel, by Ravinder Singh. Hope that he finds the love of his life in this part. So catch you once I finish ‘Can love happen twice’


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